The following documents are required for the approval process and are fundamental for a supplier to become our partner.

Note: For the supply of items and services considered critical to our processes, a specific approval process is required.

Document list:

  • Documents of organization and Minutes of election of the current Executive Officers, or By-Laws in force and the last amendment;
  • Certificates – Brazilian IRS (SRF)/Brazilian Institute of Social Security (INSS) and Unemployment Compensation Fund (FGTS);
  • Checking of credit restriction with SERASA Experian;
  • Checking Enrollment and Status of Registration with the Brazilian IRS;
  • Checking of the Integrated System of Information about Interstate Operations with Goods and Services (SINTEGRA);
  • ISO9001, ISO TS16949 certificates, Self-assessment questionnaire, ISO14001, and other documents for compliance with the Environmental/Quality Legislation, as applicable;
  • Compliance Form (Code of Conduct and EHS).