Citrosuco maintains a relationship based on respect, transparency and integrity with its suppliers and business partners. Therefore, applying the rules contained in its Code of Conduct is, in addition to mandatory, a fundamental condition to carry out any negotiation.

All suppliers and business partners must know, in addition to the terms of their respective agreements, the values and policies of Citrosuco, whose purpose is to define, clarify and equalize conduct according to the highest standards of respect for economic, social, environmental, ethical and human rights.

Accordingly, Citrosuco expects its suppliers and business partners to be committed to strict compliance with all laws, standards and regulations, particularly when it comes to:

1) Prohibiting forced labor;

2) Prohibiting child labor;

3) Respecting workers, who must be provided with a safe and healthy working environment;

4) Committing to anticorruption;

5) Using the environment sustainably.

Evaluation of suppliers and business partners should be based on objective and non-discriminatory criteria. The decision to engage a particular supplier should be based on technical and economic issues and also on reputation. Clarity in characterizing products and/or services is of paramount importance to negotiations.

When engaged, suppliers and business partners may have access to sensitive and/or confidential information and, as such, must agree not to disclose it to third parties without prior and express authorization.

In order to preserve Citrosuco’s integrity and reputation, business relationships will be terminated where there is loss of interest or non-compliance with any legal or ethical issues by the supplier (including contractors) or business partner; or where a particular supplier or business partner disregards the principles, values and standards of the Code of Conduct.

Consult our Code of Conduct in full.