In order to optimize its supply chain, Citrosuco is seeking to associate with companies committed to quality, trust and transparency.

For the relationship with its suppliers, Citrosuco uses the SAP Ariba Portal, a tool that offers various features and benefits, such as automating processes, eliminating paper use and keeping all communication and document exchange in the cloud.

Please register here.

Your requested profile information will be submitted to Citrosuco S/A Agroindústria and will be under review and approval. Please contact Citrosuco Agroindústria if you have questions about the registration criteria and procedures.

Cassia Brito - +55 (16) 3383-8767

Eduardo Figueiredo - +55 (16) 3383-8528

Note: This registration is only available to suppliers for our units in Brazil. For suppliers of units outside Brazil, please consult local contact.