Code of Conduct

Citrosuco's Code of Conduct is inspired and guided by its values ​​and culture. It expresses the organization's commitment to ethics in its relationships with customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, government, media, community and society in general. It is a tool for daily use in guiding actions and decisions. It ensures that Citrosuco acts correctly and in a uniform manner, whatever the region, culture or market.

The Code is mandatory for employees and serves as a reference standard for the company's business partners. Citrosuco expects the Code to be used not only as a source of information, but also as a standard that inspires honest, impartial and transparent relations among its stakeholders, and respect for people, diversity and the environment.

The company has established an Ombudsman area to provide information on the Code of Conduct and to analyze and resolve any related complaints or questions that may arise. This area can be accessed by both internal and external stakeholders. In addition, the CONDUCT HOTLINE is an impartial and transparent channel that aims to promote a better working environment for all employees. It guarantees the confidentiality of the information reported and the preservation of the identity of the people involved.

The Code of Conduct should be read and understood in its entirety and used as a reference in all day-to-day contacts with Citrosuco.

The Code of Conduct can be downloaded using the link below. The CONDUCT HOTLINE can be accessed here.