Citrosuco carries out its activities in compliance with the legislation applicable to its business and is formally against all forms of non-compliance or misconduct.

Our compliance program consists of the tools, structure and methodology that are necessary to ensure that we are continuously in compliance with the applicable legislation. This program is managed through a dedicated organization structure, ensuring the necessary degree of autonomy and independence.

The program provides the assessment process and methodology for each specific topic covered. They are applied consistently in accordance with the best compliance management practices, which comprises: risk analysis and assessment; preparation of recommendations plan; preparation of specific policies and procedures; carrying out of a training campaign for employees and third parties, where applicable; implementation of due diligence routines; and, on an ongoing basis, checking that the prevention measures have effectively been implemented.

In relation to the topics covered, the program initially provides its application on matters related to legislation, corruption and unfair competition. Citrosuco considers these issues to be extremely important, especially in regard to their impacts on the company's image and reputation. In addition, they are considered in the company's strategic decision-making processes.