Corporate Governance Structure

We are guided by an inspiring vision, solid values and compliance programs. Together they comprise the foundations that ensure transparency and consistency in our relations with our employees, suppliers and customers.

Citrosuco's management model has been structured along the guidelines of the EFQM Excellence Model, a framework developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), which is based on sustainable enablers and results.

During the first two seasons following the company's foundation, our efforts were directed to the development of three of the dimensions of this model: strategy, people and leadership. These efforts involved the construction of: strategic guidelines; the integration of teams; the standardization of the compensation system; a review of the internal processes for managing people; and the definition of the skill set to be a Citrosuco leader. In addition, a succession plan was developed and leadership forums were held, all aimed at paving the way for the exercise of leadership in the company.

Citrosuco's organizational culture is the expression of our way of being, thinking and acting. Organizational culture plays a key role in supporting the achievement of the company's objectives and the execution of its strategy. It is the consolidation of our people's actions and behaviors. It is focused on obtaining results and is based on establishing a working environment that is conducive to encouraging collaboration, developing solutions, integration, anticipation and meritocracy, among other attributes.