Who We Are

We are a 100% Brazilian-owned closed-capital company. We operate at all stages of the orange juice production chain, from cultivating fruit to the delivery of our products. We are an export-oriented company and our customers, mainly in the beverage segment, are located in more than 100 countries in all regions of the world.

We have a total of 47 operating units consisting of four processing plants, 29 farms, three storage operations, five port terminals and six sales offices. We also operate five ships and 45 company-owned trucks dedicated to the transportation of orange juice.

We are one of the world's largest orange juice companies. We strive to bring to life all the potential offered by the orange since it's more than just a fruit, more than just a color, it's also our history and purpose.


Greater Purpose

To provide food products derived from fruit to contribute to a healthier and more energetic life.

Future Aspiration

To be the best company for natural fruit juices and ingredients in the global food industry.


Sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

Value creation: focus on results

Integrity: trustworthiness, transparency, respect and ethics

Meritocracy: valuing and developing people; rewarding performance

Entrepreneurship: seeking constantly to explore opportunities above and beyond the available resources; relentlessly non-conformist

Health and Safety: ensuring a healthy and safe work environment


Our Culture

Our culture is our way of doing things. Our culture is based on solid foundations. We seek to align our actions to our words to ensure that we grow in a consistent and sustainable way, and create a workplace that is increasingly more healthy, challenging and inspiring.