Oils and

Essential Oil Extract

It is obtained from pressing the orange peel after the extraction of the juice and it is used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Essential oil extract is used to flavor drinks, ice creams and other foods. It is also used in the production of medicines, cosmetics and cleaning products.

Watery and Oily Phase Essences

Essences are obtained by capturing the volatile aromas produced in the evaporators during the orange juice concentration process. Oily Phase Essence is used especially in the flavor and fragrance industries and Water Phase Essence has wide range of applications in the enhancement of flavors in the food and beverage industries.

Citrus Terpene (D-Limonene)

It is a thin, colorless oil with a light citrus odor, obtained from the distillation of the citric liquor extracted from the orange bagasse.
It is used mainly in the solvent industry, but it can also be used in the perfumery, pharmaceutical and food industries after passing through a specific rectification process.


Frozen Orange Pulp (FOP)

It is obtained from healthy, ripe fruits through the processes of extraction, decantation, filtration, pasteurization, cooling and storage. It is used in the production of juices with fruit bits.

Citrus Pulp Bran (Citrus Pulp Pellets)

It is produced by pressing and drying the peel, seed and the excess orange pulp after the production of juice. It is used in the animal feed industry.


These are soluble orange solids extracted with water. This product is used in the beverage industry.