We use 100% of the orange in the production of juice and ingredients

The natural fruit is transformed into two types of juice:
NFC (Not-From-Concentrate Orange Juice) and FCOJ (Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice).

The orange: nothing is wasted.
In addition to providing juice, the orange is the raw material for a diversified range of products for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and perfume industries.

Health benefits

One of the most important of the many properties of orange juice is its anti-cancer action. This property derives from the high level of Vitamin C present in the fruit. Vitamin C helps to protect body cells and neutralizes the free radicals that can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

The orange is one of the fruits that is rich in antioxidants and so it can contribute to protecting the body and strengthening the immune system.  In addition, it helps to inhibit the growth of tumors and to restore tumorous cells to a normal state.


Source: Citrus BR | Diretrizes da Sociedade Brasileira de Diabetes

Orange juice and the fight against diabetes

The consumption of all types of fruit is recommended for people with diabetes. They should have a varied diet with a minimum daily intake from two to four servings of fruit, at least one of which should be rich in Vitamin C.

The fruits most recommended are those that are abundant in fiber and can be eaten fresh, including the peel and the bagasse, such as the orange and the apple. The presence of the fibers in fruit helps to reduce the rate at which sugar is absorbed by the body. The carbohydrates derived from fruit should indeed be encouraged in the context of a healthy diet!


Source: Citrus BR | Asian Pacifi c Journal of Cancer Prevention | Diretrizes da Sociedade Brasileira de Diabetes

More orange juice in your diet

Orange juice is also a good alternative to many other foods that have a similar amount of calories due to its high nutritional value. Additionally, it provides a feeling of satiety, which in turn tends to induce people to eat less at the next meal.

A 300 ml glass of orange juice can inhibit the feeling of hunger for up to three hours. But don't forget: it is recommended to drink the juice without straining and without added sugar.