Citrosuco supports social projects in a number of different areas, including education, sport and professional training. The projects focus on serving the communities where it has operations.

Pescar Project

The Pescar Project, which has been supported by Citrosuco since 2003, aims to provide professional training for young people, aged between 16 and 19 years old, who are in socially vulnerable situations, thereby promoting their social inclusion. The project was developed under a partnership with the Pescar Project Foundation, and is currently being carried out in the municipalities of Iaras, Catanduva, Matão and Santos. It offers professional training courses in the following areas: agribusiness operations, industrial processes, administrative services and logistics. The training courses are defined after a study of the local or regional needs, and are aimed at increasing employability.

92 young people are benefited by these courses annually.

Extracurricular school activities

This project is dedicated to the development of extracurricular activities for the children enrolled in the rural school at the company's farm, Fazenda Cambuhy Agrícola Ltda.

The objective is to supplement the traditional educational activities of the children at schools in the rural areas of the municipality of Matão (SP) in the areas of pedagogy, arts, etc.  The involvement of the children's families is the main differential in the this project.

42 children in the rural areas are benefited annually.

School Sports Project ("Bom de Bola, Bom na Escola")

This project aims to promote social inclusion through participation in sporting activities. It encourages and enhances the social and cultural development and sense of citizenship of children, aged from 10 to 16 years old, in the municipality of Matão (SP). Participation in the project is subject to being enrolled regularly at school and performing well. The project's activities (sports and citizenship) are held outside normal school hours.

110 children are benefited annually.