Citrosuco cultivate, produce and deliver food from natural and sustainable sources to several countries around the world.

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Innovation and technology from orange

We use 100% of the orange. In addition to juices and ingredients that we already produce, we innovate to develop new products and applications that demonstrate the potential of the business.

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Health and Nutrition

Learn more about the importance of orange juice in your life

Get to know its features, benefits, and uses in different applications.

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Our employees are protagonists in the various scenarios and places where we develop our activities, in Brazil and around the world. We value the diversity and potential of each of them, and we seek to develop people.

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The concept of sustainability is broad and encompasses all Citrosuco’s performance spectrum, including products, people, services and operations, and its influence on society and the environment.

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You can access here the portal for citrus farmers and suppliers, besides viewing the ProteCitrus list and accessing the Transporter Portal.

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Stay on top of what happens at Citrosuco!

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Governance and Transparency

Our work is guided by ethics and transparency. Follow our good governance practices initiatives

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