From fruit growing to product delivery, throughout the production chain, Citrosuco works with control, safety, quality assurance, sustainability, and risk analysis programs.

We guarantee the safe movement and quality of products to our customers and consumers through systems of protection against violations, traffic control and maintenance of adequate temperatures. Our products and processes are recognized by the most renowned certification institutions and external audits.

Social Management and Impact

As leaders in the value chain with active operations in more than 50 territories in Brazil and abroad, Citrosuco prioritizes social and impact investments to foster and develop its stakeholders. We invest in structuring programs in the areas of education, citizenship, public management, and social engagement.

This movement is connected to our purpose of positive impact, in which we want to nourish life, living legacies.


Partnership for Education (PVE)

The Partnership for Education is an initiative of the Votorantim Institute in collaboration with Citrosuco and other Votorantim invested companies. The program aims at improving public education through the qualification of management practices with school management and school technicians, as well as the social mobilization of communities in search of quality education for all.

As a result of the medium-term intervention, the IDEB - Basic Education Development Index - tends to advance in the municipalities, reflecting the quality of the education.

10 São Paulo State counties have already been contemplated by the Program through Citrosuco.

For example, in Ibitinga-SP, a city contemplated by the PVE, there was a 35% advance in the indexes between 2017 and 2021.


The Pescar Project is a socio-professional program developed in partnership with the Projeto Pescar foundation, intended to change lives through access to education. The project provides training for young socio-economic vulnerable people, qualifying skills in synergy with job opportunities.

During the 20 years of this partnership, Citrosuco has already impacted more than 900 young people and their families. Pescar is also an opportunity for the Apprenticeship Program – one of the gateways to diversity in the company.

Complementary School

The Complementary School is an educational project that provides after-school care for rural municipal school children in Matão-SP. Citrosuco is the only company that promotes total attendance through extra-class activities related to art, sports, music, and environmental care, as well as monitoring by speech-language pathologists and psychologists. The actions take place at Cambuhy Farm in partnership with Cambuhy Agrícola and Citrosuco, currently following more than 40 children.

Citizenship and Civil Society Organizations

VIA Solidária - Votorantim for Children and Youth

Via Solidária (Solidarity Way) is an Votorantim Institute initiative supported by Citrosuco and invested companies which aims at encouraging a culture of income tax allocation to projects that strengthen the protection of the rights of children and adolescents.

These resources are mobilized by Citrosuco employees, employing up to 6% income tax deduction or direct donations, through Programa Abrace uma Causa (Embrace a Cause Program), ranking in more than R$300.000,00 that are directed to civil society organizations every year.

Currently, civil society organizations in Araraquara-SP, Matão-SP, Itapetininga-SP, and Catanduva-SP are all benefiting from it.

Citizenship Program

The Citizenship Program, a partnership between Citrosuco and the Votorantim Institute, is a set of initiatives to enlarge citizen conscience and to instigate the active participation of society.

The city of Matão-SP develops the program since 2019 and has as one of its implemented actions the creation of Young Parliament, a municipal law that fostered the engagement and training of local young leaders.

Citrosuco believes that every young person has the potential to achieve being a local transformation agent, in particular at the exercise of citizenship that starts at voting (but not only comes down to that).

Support to Public Management


The Support to Public Management is an initiative of Citrosuco in partnership with Votorantim Institute, responsible for providing empowerment and development of management tools and mentoring for public managers to effectively address the challenges of public health.

Five municipalities were contemplated by the program initiated at the pandemic, ensuring an effective response to the health crisis, and it is in progress strengthening public administration focusing on improvement of basic health results and of the financing to the counties.

Social Commitment

Desafio Voluntário

The Volunteer Challenge is a healthy and solidarity competition between employees and Votorantim stakeholders. It is an engagement strategy and recognition of people who carry out voluntary actions and promote social mobilization for the common good.

This solidarity competition also encourages unity between employees and stakeholders with communities of the territory where Citrosuco is located, contributing to the development of people, social organizations and public schools.

Partnerships &

UN Global Compact The Global Compact is a voluntary initiative that provides guidelines for promoting sustainable growth and citizenship through committed and innovative corporate leadership. Since 2020, we have been independent signatories of the Global Compact, and our strategy is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Juice Covenant (SJC) We have also been part of the SJC since 2020, being one of the first juice companies in the world to join the pact that reinforces our commitments to a 100% sustainable chain by 2030.

Science Based Targets (SBTi)We committed to SBTi in 2022 to ensure that our actions are supported by this global movement with scientific recognition and backing, with clear targets and indicators. Together, we have more chances to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Reports summarize our social, economic, and environmental performance, in addition to describing our governance and management model, and company’s policies and values.

The document is published annually and presented to customers, regulatory agencies, financial institutions, employees, suppliers, end consumers and opinion makers.

DWe make available values, principles, business philosophy and our performance in social and environmental indicators, in accordance with an international methodology for communicating results and transparency.

Access below the Sustainability Reports of the latest harvests.