We are much more than juice

We act with responsibility and clarity of purpose, generating positive, legitimate, and lasting impacts for all those with whom we interact.

A sustainable business is built over time. This is what we believe at Citrosuco. For us, sustainability, besides being an organizational value, is a principle and a reason for being. We work so that everyone, from operations to leadership, has a sense of ownership over the impacts of our actions on society, the environment, and the company.

We walk the path towards a sustainable development of agribusiness. Our work is focused on sharing best practices and strengthening alliances throughout the production chain. Added to these actions are the care we take with the development of communities, the rational use of resources and care for people.

We work so that innovation is intrinsic to our culture, fostering the search for new products and applications, as well as the continuous improvement of our governance, management, and processes. We consistently invest in these aspects, which also ensures the strengthening of this culture.

The set of these actions and the various uses of our products converge with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and demonstrate our commitment to material issues for society. When doing business, we affirm that we are Much More than Juice: we act with responsibility and clarity of purpose, generating positive, legitimate, and lasting impacts for all those with whom we interact.

Healthy products

Health and well-being are present in all our products

With a unique and natural raw material, we sustainably transform 100% of oranges into functional foods and biodegradable ingredients.

Healthy people

Respect for people is the essence of our business.

We produce valuing what each person has to offer; training people and professionals; strengthening diversity and inclusion; encouraging employees, suppliers, and partners to act responsibly.

Healthy planet

Be committed to adopting more sustainable production systems. We are committed to adopting more sustainable production systems.

We conduct our business preserving the biomes where we operate, prioritizing renewable energies, biological control of citrus diseases and the rational use of resources.

Governance and Innovation

We act with ethics, responsibility, and clarity of purpose.

Under a well-established governance, we work with transparency and solid compliance and risk management guidelines, generating economic prosperity, environmental preservation, and social progress.


From fruit growing to product delivery, throughout the production chain, Citrosuco works with control, safety, quality assurance, sustainability, and risk analysis programs.

We guarantee the safe movement and quality of products to our customers and consumers through systems of protection against violations, traffic control and maintenance of adequate temperatures. Our products and processes are recognized by the most renowned certification institutions and external audits.

Partnerships and Projects

Acting ethically and transparently, contributing to economic, social, and environmental development and to improving the quality of life of employees and their families, the communities where it operates and society as a whole, is how Citrosuco expresses itself for through its products, processes and services.

Citrosuco directs resources, mainly to programs focused on diversity, education, sports, and professional qualification, with a focus on building opportunities for the young ones. The investments are based on learning and dialogue with local communities, with a view to strengthening social and environmental development. Get to know our projects:

Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Reports summarize our social, economic, and environmental performance, in addition to describing our governance and management model, and company’s policies and values.

The document is published annually and presented to customers, regulatory agencies, financial institutions, employees, suppliers, end consumers and opinion makers.

DWe make available values, principles, business philosophy and our performance in social and environmental indicators, in accordance with an international methodology for communicating results and transparency.

Access below the Sustainability Reports of the latest harvests.