At Citrosuco, we value diversity, protagonism and people's potential.

Our team is made up of more than 5,500 employees, reaching up to 12,000 during the harvesttime. They are in different places and contexts, in Brazil and abroad. We have four culture pillars that demonstrate our way of being. They are the practical manifestation of the company’s values and must permeate the attitudes and initiatives of all our employees.

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Our Programs

Internship Program

#semear is Citrosuco’s Internship Program that offers opportunities to undergraduate students who want to start their professional career in a multinational company.

As one of the main gateways for undergraduate students, it has vacancies in the Agricultural, Industrial and Administrative areas. The selection process takes place annually.

The Program is an opportunity to cultivate talent with an eye to the future. It is for those who identify with our culture and our values. It is for those who are focused on development and willing to sow change in the world.

At Citrosuco, we believe that what we cultivate today transforms tomorrow.

We encourage the interns to challenge themselves, think outside the box, get involved, propose improvements, and take the lead in their career.

Diversity program

At Citrosuco, we have the Program for everyone. With it, we strengthen a plural and significant culture of diversity. In July, in the week surrounding LGBTQI+ Pride Day, we put into practice the work we are building for a more inclusive world.

We work on themes that value reflection, the importance of diversity and knowledge of the subject. So, much more than accepting, we are willing to fight for a work environment and a society that recognizes individuality. Here at Citrosuco we have already started the change we want for the world!

We see diversity as a form of growth. That is why we created our Diversity Program for everyone. We seek to value people’s potential and highlight each one’s strengths.

We rely on actions in our daily activities that aim to build a company that is more and more inclusive and diverse.

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