The strengthness of our supply chain

We are excited to shine a spotlight on the unparalleled strength of Citrosuco’s supply chain. provide you with an insightful overview of our logistics prowess, we would like to invite you to save the date for our webinar on Global Logistics.


April, 25th – Thursday 9AM (BRT) | 2PM (CEST) 8AM (US EDT) | 8PM (CST) | 9PM (JST) Citrosuco Connects – Global Logistic Talks “Citrosuco Connects – Global Logistic Talks” will focus on the impact of technology on global logistics, trends in energy transition in shipping, and the role of distribution planning in enhancing efficiency. Click here!

The scale of Citrosuco’s logistics chain

Citrosuco is renowned for its cutting-edge logistics network, seamlessly linking our orchards to customers worldwide. Equipped with our fleet of ships and strategically positioned facilities, we guarantee swift and efficient delivery. From harvest to packaging, our logistics chain oversees every aspect, ensuring top-notch quality, safety, and reliability. This holistic approach sets the bar high for industry standards.

The power of vertical integration

At Citrosuco, vertical integration is the cornerstone of our logistics proficiency. We seamlessly coordinate our own ships, processing, and distribution centers. As markets evolve, we pivot quickly, ensuring each step from sourcing to delivery maintains top quality and reliability. This dedication to integration propels us ahead in the industry. As businesses pursue growth and differentiation, our ingredients serve as catalysts for innovation and progress. Embracing these solutions opens doors to new opportunities, fosters sustainable development, and shapes the future of industries.